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  • by Kristine Greeley
  • 11 May, 2017

Good news Caffeine addicts! Here's the healthiest coffee that will make you lose weight!
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Messe Frankfurt

by Kristine Greeley 23 Oct, 2017
Welcome to  Professional Beauty North Manchester
by Kristine Greeley 14 Oct, 2017
Every often we wonder how can make our lives a lot easier! especially when it comes to Beauty! I am self confessed Lash addict using false eyelashes for nearly 9 years. just using the normal strip lashes which i can't live without :) . i have tried all sorts of false eyelashes. Started from the most thickest korean silk lashes to normal synthetic lashes one  but none of those get the right fit for my eyes as it was looks so heavy and not natural. 

As time goes by i keep thinking what will be the best strip lashes that can make a difference from the other ... lighter, more softer band and flexible and also long lasting as it's all about wise on buying as well as the comfort of using it. I don't wanna spend so much money for the lashes that won't last for longer and looks cheap. I almost give up using it! 

Over the years I finally decided to design my own false eyelashes by simply cutting it in different styles i wanted depending on which events i go to.  I know in my heart that there is one main reason why i keep adhering myself into this little lashes because i dreamed that one day i can create something special to contribute in the Beauty Industry. to create the most useful and comfortable false eyelashes and sizes that fit for different shape of eyes. 

 Finally got there in the end and now selling the perfect lashes all over the UK and  worldwide.
by Kristine Greeley 09 Sep, 2017
DC Couture The Fashion Squad in Yarm highstreet
by Kristine Greeley 20 Jul, 2017
by Kristine Greeley 20 Jul, 2017
Miss Great Britain northeast is one of the Most Prestigious Beauty pageant in the northeast of England.  The Charity event organised by Butterwick Hospice.  The event was held in Hilton Hotel Gateshead sponsored by the following Capital FM , Car Ching, DC Couture, Le Franc Beauty Luxury Lashes , Be Premiere Salon. 
by Kristine Greeley 05 Jul, 2017
Contact details:  Ms. Gemma Lee  07793844949 I  Email:  
 Facebook : Gemma Lee I  Instagram gemlee80
by Kristine Greeley 26 Jun, 2017
International  Beauty Convention Event held from the 24th June to 25th June 2017 at Messe Frankfurt in Ludwig- Erhard- Anlage 1, 60327 Frankfurt am main Frankfurt , Germany. The Event showcases widest ranges of products and services such as Beauty Professionals , Companies like Your cosmetics , Le Franc Beauty , Inglot  etc. and Big Brands in the field of care and decorative treatment apparatus, Nails , Pedicure, Make up, Wellness and accessories and many more. in the Cosmetics and Beauty products, Lifestyle and Fashion Industries.
by Kristine Greeley 11 May, 2017
Good news Caffeine addicts! Here's the healthiest coffee that will make you lose weight!
for more info please contact  Jules Carter 
by Kristine Greeley 26 Apr, 2017
by Kristine Greeley 04 Apr, 2017
DC Couture
The Most Glamorous Boutique in Yarm and Darlington North East of England. Inspired by Celebrity and Catwalk Trends Offers different range of  clothing for Wedding Events ,Prom, Accessories. Garanteed Fashion expert in this Modern world Check the Latest Fashion  
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