Dreamy Magnetic Lashes

  • by Kristine Greeley
  • 20 Jul, 2017

Here comes the new lash obsession!!!! The very first ever Ultra-lightweight Technology made from soft silk mink fur comfortable ,reusable and easy to apply , sticks on without using lash adhesive .


Messe Frankfurt

by Kristine Greeley 20 Jul, 2017
by Kristine Greeley 20 Jul, 2017
Miss Great Britain northeast is one of the Most Prestigious Beauty pageant in the northeast of England.  The Charity event organised by Butterwick Hospice.  The event was held in Hilton Hotel Gateshead sponsored by the following Capital FM , Car Ching, DC Couture, Le Franc Beauty Luxury Lashes , Be Premiere Salon. 
by Kristine Greeley 05 Jul, 2017
Contact details:  Ms. Gemma Lee  07793844949 I  Email: Glee0304@aol.com  
 Facebook : Gemma Lee I  Instagram gemlee80
by Kristine Greeley 11 May, 2017
Good news Caffeine addicts! Here's the healthiest coffee that will make you lose weight!
for more info please contact  Jules Carter 
by Kristine Greeley 26 Apr, 2017
by Kristine Greeley 04 Apr, 2017
DC Couture
The Most Glamorous Boutique in Yarm and Darlington North East of England. Inspired by Celebrity and Catwalk Trends Offers different range of  clothing for Wedding Events ,Prom, Accessories. Garanteed Fashion expert in this Modern world Check the Latest Fashion  
by Kristine Greeley 01 Mar, 2017
Brogan West-  UK Based Professional Photographer for Fashion /Fashion Blogger /Creative  Retoucher /Stylist
The Multi-talented Fearless Model sets new Trends for our modern world.  Check her latest updates at
 @prettylittlething  , broganwears.wordpress.com
by Kristine Greeley 06 Feb, 2017
Christian Simon Toledo
The Multi-talented Photographer and Digital Retoucher for Beauty/ Fashion/TV Commercials. 
also Christian been working with some of the Most Popular Beauty Brands.  Follow CS on Twitter and Instagram
by Kristine Greeley 02 Feb, 2017
Get Ready for Summer of 2017 Flair is the most stylish ,comfortable custom made RTW Bikini Line. http://flairshops.com/
by Kristine Greeley 31 Jan, 2017
Le Franc Beauty in Washington D.C
Best Seller ! Goddess Lash 
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